Our History

Warping Section 1967 Nurel Facilities

Our History

50 years of nylon 6 & 6.6 production


NUREL started its operations producing polyamide fiber in 1967. The entrance of SAMCA Group in 1999 brought successive investments in new polymerization and spinning technologies. Now NUREL is the reliable and high quality supplier of reference of Nylon 6 and 6,6 for the textile market.


NUREL has two differentiated business units: ENGINEERING POLYMERS and SYNTHETIC FIBERS. Over the years NUREL has achieved an overall turnover of 80 Million Euros, with a polymer capacity of 27,000 tons, and 7,500 tons of yarn production. Our Zaragoza site employs overall 350 people

Approximately 70% of our fibers production is sold abroad to the main European and Asiatic markets.

Facilities 2017 Nurel S.A.


At NUREL we currently have two cutting-edge Nylon spinning plants and outstanding draw-warping facilities that enable us to offer a range of products for lingerie, swimwear, sports and various technical applications which are unique in the market and able to meet most demanding customer’s expectations.

A continuous investment on R&D and state-of-the-art technologies demonstrates our deep commitment towards the future of the textile industry; our innovation efforts are focussed on new technologies such as nanotechnology, smart textiles and other different programs of functional textiles.