Reco Nylon

Pre-consumer recycled Nylon 6 yarn

Reco Nylon

Pre-consumer recycled Nylon 6 yarn

Thanks to its advanced technologies, NUREL recycles the discarded nylon produced during our manufacturing process and re-converts it into RECO NYLON yarn.

Our process

Recovered polyamide polymer is extruded and made into fibers to deliver similar quality and performance to standard yarns.

RECO NYLON recycling process saves the environment the CO2 emissions produced during raw material manufacture and transport, which means the 79% CO2 emissions of a standard Nylon production.


Reduces 53% CO2 emissions.*

Every 1.000 Kg of RECO NYLON reduces atmospheric CO2 emissions by 1.424 Kg, equivalent to the emissions of: 

  • A light bulb during 401.500 hrs
  • A car driving 8.544 km
  • The CO2 absorbed by 160 Pines in a year

Improves environmental sustainability.

Curbs discard prolonging landfill life while reducing our waste generation.

*Comparison between standard Nylon 6 and RECO NYLON during the manufacturing process

Reco Nylon Life Cycle

Zero waste policy

NUREL also recycles and recaptures all dangerous chemical substances to reduce environmental impact.

Our production facilities in Zaragoza, are designed to capture and recycle the generated waste.


SCS Recycled Content Certification that states a minimum 98% recycled content coming from pre-consumer nylon waste.

Recycled Content Certification