Energy & comfort Nylon Fibers


Energy & comfort: the perfect combination

SPORT-MINERALS Nylon yarn it has been specially designed to energize and provide comfort.

It contains water extract minerals that help to moisturize and to provide an energetic sensation

How does MINERALS work?

Thanks to our NOVAREL technology, deep concentrated water from a salty natural spring, is encapsulated and incorporated into the polymer matrix.

During work-out, or any time the garment is worn, active principles (minerals) are released from the capsules to provide energizing sensation and hydration.


Scientifically proven efficiency: After 14 days of use 12% skin hydration increase.

It is recommended for first layer clothing in contact with the skin. It can be combined with any of our comfort cross-sections: XTRA-DRY, XTRA-COOL and XTRA-THERMIC.

Technical information

High resistance to washing.

Maintains the quality aspect of the garments.

NOVAREL technology allows the knitter to follow the standard textile routes.

This product contains a cosmetic that is registered following European Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009.


Product Range

Available in Nylon 6 and 6.6

Cross sections: Special sections available to promote isolation and comfort.

From 22 up to 156 decitex.