Nylon Isolated Management Fibers



XTRA-COOL Nylon exclusive geometry has been designed to increase thermal isolation and to improve comfort levels thus optimize performance.

How does XTRA-COOL work?

This propeller shape hollow cross section improves thermal isolation and water abortion during sport training, helping to reduce body temperature.


It contributes to regulate body temperature during workout enhancing performance.

XTRA-COOL Nylon yarns provide thermal isolation advantages and superior properties of moisture management, wicking and drying speed.*

Thanks to its hollow core fabrics are lighter.

* Properties of moisture transport and comfort are permanent and inherent to the fiber.

Product Range

  • Available in polyamide 6 & 6.6
  • Available counts: 22/12, 44/24, 56/48, 78/48


Xtra-cool Nylon Fiber SectionXTRA-COOL Section

Longitudinal propagation velocity

Longitudinal Propagation Velocity Xtra-Cool Nylon Fiber

Technical Report carried out by Leitat, Terrasa (Spain).

Thermal Analysis (Temperature of the shirt)

Xtra-cool Nylon Fiber Thermal Analysis

Test undertaken at Associazione Tessile e Salute, Biella (Italy).