Nylon Thermal isolation Fibers


Nylon Thermal isolation

XTRA-THERMIC hollow fiber is the material of choice for extra comfort, thermal isolation and lightness.

How does XTRA-THERMIC work?

Our circular hollow cross-section confers isolation performance to the Nylon fibers.*

* Properties of moisture transport and comfort are permanent and inherent to the polyamide fiber.


This Nylon yarn has been specially designed for thermal protective garments.

It is approximately 20% lighter than round fibers with similar decitex. XTRA-THERMIC ensures excellent colour fastness and homogeneity.

It is specially recommended for first layer clothing in contact with the skin on high temperature conditions.

Product Range

Available in polyamide 6 & 6.6.

Available counts: 44/28; 44/14; 56/25; 56/14 60/30 44/30 78/60, 44/15.


Xtra-thermic Nylon Fibers Section