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Transparency & Strength nylon yarns


Transparency & Strength nylon yarns

Following the fashion trends of lingerie, sportswear and swimwear, we have developed a range of products with immediate visual effects.

NUREL has identified the need in the textile industry for more transparent and higher strength yarns.  Thanks to our polyamide polymer chemistry knowledge and our Nylon fiber production know-how NUREL has developed a new polymer that is more transparent and has a double shrinkage index than standard polyamide 6.

EVOKE special copolymer confers very special properties to the yarn, that will change the perception of transparency and strength concept on nylon fibers.  EVOKE fibers can be dyed following special recommendations.

Transparency and Strength Nylon Yarn


Extra transparency

Double shrinkage index than standard polyamide 6

Different dye ability given by 42 amino groups, 10 groups less than standard polyamide 6


Heat setting at 165-170ºC

Recommended to be used  in combination with low setting elastan

Available in 22/5 and 44/10 dtex